Collaborating with Theatre 2.0


Artistic responsibility lies with one theatre but production is produced as a co-production. This can mean the sharing of human resources or the ability to use each other’s facilities (for rehearsing, performing), deviding the production costs etc. Collaboration can involve theatre organisations (institutional theatres, independent groups) as well as organisations form the “3rd sector” (NGOs, non-governmental-organisations).

Artistic collaboration

This is when the collaboration is artistic as well as being a co-production. This means that artists from all co-production partners are involved in making the production. Production can be performed as a part of the programme and in the facilities of one or more of the theatres taking part in the co-production.

Communal theatre projects

We plan and execute communal theatre projects to fit within or beside some other theatre’s own artistic production. The project can have a direct interaction with the production’s artistic process during the planning or rehearsal stage. It can produce materials to be used as a part of the performance’s artistic content – sound, text, visual material etc. Or it can function as something that activates the artistic process before moving into the actual production phase. Communal project can also be something directed for the audience of the performance in question, for example as a form of a workshop (or series of workshops) designed in some way to deal with the contents of the performance.

Development projects

We plan and execute theatre related development projects that arise form mutual needs of the organisations involved. With these projects we can resolve structural issues, develop new operational models and/or working methods. We specialize in projects that are related to working with new plays and that link communal theatre work with artistic processes.

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