Who we are

Artistic Director Saana Lavaste


Saana Lavaste (b. 1976) is a director, drama instructor and a pedagogue. She has studied to be a drama instructor in Metropolia (Helsinki University of Applied Science) and she has graduated as a Master of Theatre Arts from Theatre Academy Helsinki. In addition Saana has qualification of a pedagogue from University of Helsinki.

Saana has worked in independent theatre groups (Theatre 2.0, Theatre Siberia, DraamaRäätälit) and institutional theatres (Finnish National Theatre, Lahti City Theatre, Vaasa City Theatre, Joensuu City Theatre etc.) all across Finland. She has also worked as a teacher in Metropolia and Helsinki Theatre Academy. Saana has been part of the artistic team of the international Tampere Theatre Festival and worked as the artistic director Riihimäki City Theatre. At the moment Saana works as the professor of directing at the University of the Arts Helsinki – Theatre Academy.

Executive Director Saara Rautavuoma


Saara Rautavuoma (b. 1982) is a producer specialized in theatre art. She has graduated as a Master of Arts from University of Tampere with media culture as her main subject.

Saara has worked with theatre production in independent theatres such as Theatre 2.0 and Theatre Siberia, in institutional theatres such as Riihimäki City Theatre and TTT Theatre as well as for the international Tampere Theatre Festival. In 2012-2014 Saara was part of the Riihimäki City Theatre artistic team. She has also worked as a freelance producer.

Theatre 2.0

Theatre 2.0 is a non-profit organisation run by Culture and Theatre Association Kaksikko (= Duo). All the members of the association are theatre professionals.

Members of the association: director Saana Lavaste, producer Saara Rautavuoma, drama instructor Kati Sirén, video designer Timo Teräväinen, playwright and producer Jonni Pantzar, sound and lighting designer Saija Raskulla, director and actor Tommi Kainulainen, actor Aleksi Lavaste, playwrights and dramaturges E.L. Karhu, Heini Junkkaala, Taija Helminen and Elina Snicker.

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