About us

A Dialogue Between Theatre Art, Its Production and Reality

Theatre 2.0 is an independent professional theatre. Director Saana Lavaste and producer Saara Rautavuoma founded the theatre in 2010 after years of productive collaboration in other theatres. In Theatre 2.0 everything is based on a meaningful dialogue. This means openly sharing thoughts and ideas, using discussions as an important part of the working processes and bringing together theatre professionals from different backgrounds and interests. In Theatre 2.0 we also want to actively further the dialogue between different artistic contents, working methods and theatre structures.

What we do

Theatre 2.0 produces theatre performances in many forms, organizes workshops and seminars, carries out development projects as well as writes publications.

Theatre 2.0 operates nationwide but our home base is in Tampere, in central Finland (about 180km / 2 hours north from Helsinki).

In Theatre 2.0 our goal is to develop and research in practise different working methods of theatre in which art and its production intertwine. We share the findings, experiences and knowledge we’ve gained from our projects with others.

The organisation of Theatre 2.0 is light as a feather: executive director Rautavuoma manages all daily operations and the artistic planning is done in together with artistic director Lavaste. Working groups of productions are formed project-by-project basis. Performances can be seen in different cities, stages, spaces and situations – what ever suits them best. Productions are tailored to be performed in such places and made by such a group of artists that meet each productions needs the best.

Theatre 2.0 receives yearly operational subsidy from the Finnish government through Arts Promotion Centre Finland. This funding is reassessed each year. In additions Theatre 2.0 has received grants for its productions and projects from independent cultural foundations as well as special subsidies from the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture.

Our goal is to…

Offer current and high quality theatre art to audiences nationwide

Research the dialogue between ”applied” and ”artistic” theatre, Finnish plays with new form and different co-production models between theatres.

Develop Finnish theatre, its structures and operations as well as to facilitate collaboration between institutional theatres, independent theatre groups and organizations in and outside the field of theatre.

Advance new artistic and production models and working methods, advance the spreading of good practises and support the work and artistic growth of theatre professionals.

Artistically we focus on…

New Finnish Plays

We want to research the challenges new plays set for the form of theatre. Theatre 2.0 offers writing workshops and connections to where the plays are produced. We also produce new plays ourselves. In Theatre 2.0 developing of plays doesn’t mean just writing, but also theatrical experimenting.

Applied Forms of Theatre

We want to make reality and theatre encounter in a way that is artistically interesting. Theatre 2.0 develops and researches ways to combine the techniques of artistic and applied theatre, for example the ways to use the techniques of communal theatre as a part of artistic processes.

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